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Life Coaching
Menagerial Coaching


Sales Coaching

Each and every company expects that managers will help develop their employees while at the same time achieve the business objectives. On one hand there are lots of expectations connected with developing skills and rising employee's competence, which can be done by a coach. On the other hand there are expectations directed at fulfilling specific objectives and presenting specific business behaviour, which can be done by a manager. This is why managers find it so difficult to fulfil both roles at the same time. As a result they behave more like managers than coaches explaining that 'the company requests fulfilling objectives' and often avoid the role of a coach completely explaining that 'coaching is long process that we don't have time for.' In this kind of situation we should ask two basic questions: How often can I be with an employee as a manager and revise his behaviour? Maybe it is worth to equip the worker with such tools that will work even when I cannot be with him or her?

The solution becoming more and more common is hiring independent coaches, who are free of any relations with employee and do not have to accomplish any business objectives, and can therefore focus on developing skills and competences, and thus increase the effectiveness of a manager.

Coaching objectives:

  Defining with an emploayee expected skills that match the work standards
  Diagnosing the areas of skills which require development and reinforcement
  Implementing a habit of independent work and 'on the job activities' strategy
  Showing the ways of developing skills in a workplace
  Motivating an employee to increase the effectiveness of his or her work through developing competences
  Implementing standards created by the company

Expected Results:

The managers will learn:
  To define their own resources and skills that are necessary on a specific position in order to be effective and productive
  To assess the level of their own skills in comparison to the required standard
  How to use every situation to increase their competence on daily basis
  How to implement the best standards, tools and behaviours to be motivated and effective

Target Group:

  People designated by the company
  Sales Representatives and Scientific Representatives


  Individual coaching sessions 4-5h each, number of sessions depending on employee's skills and specific objective
  work between coaching sessions
  coaching is conducted by coaches who have their own business experience

Executive Coaching

Executive management is a modern, effective tool of personal development dedicated for the company's top management such as directors, board of executive members, company owners. It focuses on competences connected with leadership, strategic thinking, the ability to exert influence, persuasive communication and working with emotions. It is done in a form of an individual meeting with a coach who is an observer and a facilitator, who gives personal feedback about specific behaviours, and suggests areas where the competence can be improved and the effectiveness of management increased.

Coaching objectives:

  Developing and modelling skills and competences required for present situation

Expected results:

  Top managers will gain new perspective of the problems worked out during the coaching
  Individual development and adjusting the skills desired during a present situation
  Increasing one's individual competences

Target Group:

  Top Management - board of executive members, directors, CEO's, department directors
  Company owners


  Individual coaching sessions 2-3h each, number of sessions depending on the manager's skills and specific objective
  Work between coaching sessions
  Coaching is conducted by coaches who are experienced in Executive Coaching

Life coaching

'Life Coaching; is a kind of coaching which is in theory not connected to business but with the individual needs of a coached person. This is as far as theory goes, because with the pace of living being as it is, and time physically and mentally devoted to work, it is hard to believe that employee's personal life has no influence on the professional one. Our professional decisions depend on our skills and competences but even more on our supporting and limiting beliefs. Our system of values has an enormous influence on the effectiveness of our behaviour and the way we perceive ourselves as individuals and employees as well. That is why 'Life Coaching' is more and more frequently used in business, sport and professional burn-out situations.

Coaching objectives:

  Studying oneself, one's strengths and weaknesses
  Understanding how one's way of perceiving the surroundings can influence achieving of professional goals
  Defining the beliefs and situations that hinder the fulfilment of objectives
  Creating a method of dealing with stress, conflicts and other situations that require lots of engagement

Expected Results:

The participants will learn:
  How to preciselydefine the roots of their problems
  How to manage their personal beliefs and behaviours which limit professional actions
  How to be effective while working under stress or in bad conditions
  How to prioritise more and less important things that influence their behaviour

Target Group:

  All employees, especially these who work under pressure and with other employees


  Individual coaching sessions 2-3h each, number of sessions depending on specific objective
  Work between coaching sessions
  Coaching is conducted by coaches who are experienced in this kind of coaching

Menagerial Coaching

The fast pace of manager's work results in less time the managers can spare for trainings that develop their competences. Besides, managers are more often than not expected to use coaching on their subordinates, while they are deprived of such coaching themselves. At the same time, most of traditional courses, training or workshops focus on developing the skills that many managers already have. Therefore they require only a constant refreshment and complementation in order not to become a routine behaviour. Additionally, an ever-changing business environment, different tasks and generation change of human resources result in the manager's constant need of modifying and adjusting his or her skills in order to be effective. strategy'

Managerial coaching focuses on developing and modifying managerial skills in natural work environment. What is more, it focuses on future behaviour and, and, as a result, the business skills it creates are the most effective and adjusted for specific needs. It allows manager to break new ground in the area of business skills and learn the most effective ways of self-development, according to the 'on the job activities'

Coaching objectives:

  Defining how those skills will influence the effectiveness of management
  Creating, under the supervision of the coach, the methods of developing those skills and implementing them in the professional life
        of a manager
  Verifying how those new skills influence the effectiveness of work

Expected Results::

The managers will learn:
  How to define what skills do they need on their own
  Ways of developing new skills, under the supervision of an experienced coach
  What tools do they need in the process of development and how to get them
  How to implement new skills. Moreover they will have an opportunity to check how those new skills can influence the perception
        of surroundings

Target Group:

  Workers with managerial potential
  Managers and Leaders of all levels


  Individual coaching sessions 4-5h each, number of sessions depending on manager's skills and specific objective
  Work between coaching sessions
  Coaching is conducted by coaches who have their own business experience

DISC CLASSIC - Analiza Profilu Osobowego

Sprawdzony od 40 lat model rozwojowy, opisujący profil osobowy pracownika w miejscu pracy. Wykorzystywany w ponad 50 krajach przez 90% firm z listy Fortune 500. Pozwala opisać naturalne preferencje pracownika w miejscu pracy, a tym samym zwiększyć dopasowanie pracownika i stanowiska pracy, przez co ułatwia podniesienie wydajności pracy. Jest to model rozwojowy, który pozwala zdefiniować obszary do rozwoju w miejscu pracy i ustalić sposoby rozwijania tych obszarów, kompetencji. Jest licencjonowanym narzędziem firmy Inscape Publishing.

Cel badania:

  Zdefiniowanie preferencji pracownika wspierających jego efektywność, jak również ograniczających wydajność
  Zrozumienie własnego zachowania i jego wpływu na zachowania otoczenia
  Uświadomienie sobie podstaw zachowań innych pracowników/ ludzi
  Opisanie obszarów wymagających rozwoju, w celu poprawy efektywności pracy

Oczekiwane rezultaty - uczestnicy szkolenia:

  zrozumieją swoje zachowania i sposób odbioru tych zachowań przez otoczenie
 określą w jaki sposób ich zachowania mogę wpływać na podnoszenie ich efektywności w miejscu pracy lub obniżenie tej efektywności
 uzgodnią obszary kompetencji, zachowań, które powinni i chcą rozwijać
 zaplanują ścieżkę i sposób rozwijania niezbędnych kompetencji
 zrozumieją w jaki sposób należy i warto interpretować zachowania innych osób w celu podniesienia efektywności komunikacji i współpracy w zespole

Menedżerowie po przeprowadzonym badaniu...

  zrozumieją w jaki sposób ich zachowania wpływają na zachowania i efektywność pracowników
  określą swoje obszary kompetencji, które należy wzmacniać, a które rozwijać
  otrzymają wskazówki interpretować zachowania pracowników w różnych sytuacjach i w jaki sposób wykorzystać je w celu podniesienia wydajności zespołu
  uświadomią sobie w jaki sposób mogą podnieść efektywność komunikacji, delegowania zadań, rozwiązywania konfliktów
  otrzymają dodatkowe narzędzie umożliwiające zaplanowanie ścieżki rozwoju pracownika.

Sposób przeprowadzenia badania

  badanie on line trwające w granicach 10 min.
  wygenerowanie raportu w wersji papierowej lub elektronicznej
  feedback certyfikowanego trenera, praktyka zapewniający umiejętność pracy z raportem w miejscu pracy, w celu rozwijania oczekiwanych zachowań

Badanie dedykowane

  pracowników i kadry menedżerskiej
  działów HR
  w trakcie procesu rekrutacji, sesji oceniających, wypracowujących ścieżki rozwoju

Dodatkowa wartość

Dodatkową wartość stanowią moduły szkoleniowe ściśle skorelowane z opisem profilu osobowego i dopasowane do potrzeb firmy w następujących obszarach:
  Zarządzanie konfliktem
 Umiejętności interpersonalne
 Kadra menedżerska

Thomas - Profesjogram - Analiza Stanowiska Pracy

Profesjogram (Analiza Stanowiska Pracy) jest narzędziem pozwalającym w sposób naturalny stworzyć optymalny profil kompetencyjny dla określonego stanowiska pracy. Stworzony wzorzec może być punktem odniesienia w procesie rekrutacji, co pozwala skuteczniej i szybciej identyfikować kandydatów o oczekiwanym profilu, dopasowanym do przyszłej roli. Opierając się o profesjogram można określić i opisać oczekiwane zachowania pracowników. Wynik profesjogramu jest łatwy do porównania z APOs ( Analiza Profilu Osobowości) kandydata, co pozwala ocenić stopień zgodności i zdefiniować obszary wymagające dodatkowej analizy.

Cel badania:

  Przygotowanie miarodajnego wzorca zachowań na danym stanowisku pracy zgodnego z oczekiwaniami i wymaganiami firmy
  Opisanie obszarów na które należy zwrócić uwagę podczas procesu rekrutacji.
  Możliwość porównania Profilu Osobowego kandydata/ pracownika z Profesjogramem i określenie obszarów wymagających sprawdzenia lub rozwijania.

Oczekiwane rezultaty :

  uzgodnienie obszarów kompetencyjnych pracownika wymagających rozwijania w celu dopasowania do Profesjogramu
  zwiększenie skuteczność doboru pracowników do wymagań stanowiska pracy
  podniesienie efektywności procesów rekrutacyjnych

Sposób przeprowadzenia badania

  przygotowanie Profesjogramu przebiega w formie onlinie lub papierowej i wymaga udziału najlepszych pracowników z pozycji opisywanej oraz ich przełożonych
  czas trwania badania wynosi ok. 15 min

Badanie dedykowane

  menedżerowie wysokiego i średniego szczebla
  działy HR
  osoby planujące i biorące udział w procesie rekrutacji

Times of change are times of fearfulness and times of opportunity. Which they may be for you depends upon your attitude toward them.

Ernest Wilson
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Jacek Korzeniowski
President at Business Way sp. z o.o.
Coach, Consultant, Trainer
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Marek Sztomberski
Vice-President at Business Way sp z o.o., Coach, Consultant, Supervisor, Trainer
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Elżbieta Ziembrowicz
Trainer, Coach, Conslutant
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Anna Kazakow
Coach, Mediator, Trainer
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Sylwia Kowalska
Director of Sales & Marketing, Consultant, Trainer, Coach
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Robert Siewak
Trainer, Consultant, Coach
Jacek Korzeniowski

Jacek Korzeniowski

President at Business Way sp. z o.o.
Coach, Consultant, Trainer

  My motto:
"Success and development in action. I like to change theoretical knowledge into practical success and open new areas of expertise and create new, effective structures. I know, that my knowledge and experience is valuable for others and help them to achieve ambitious goals. I'm especially motivated by achieving goals and breaking barierrs that seem impossible to achieve or break. "


Bachelor of Medicine at Medical University of Lublin;
MBA at Koźmiński University;
Yans Cron Consulting Group - Business an NLP Trainer;
University of Economy in Bydgoszcz Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching;
Graduate of French Institute in Warsaw ;
Graduate of Management Central Europe in Brussels;
DISC Classic, Thomas International (APOS, TST, 3600 ) certificates;


Professional Experience:

I started my career as a medicine doctor and worked for 14 years in a hospital and as a head of a clinic. Then, I set up Medical Rescue School, which in 3 years became the second biggest school of this type in the world, training over 3000 people a year.

Besides training and teaching, I was responsible for work coordinating 20 trainers and 12 medicine professors, hospital executives and other heads, being part of the Program Committee of the Medical Rescue School.

After that, I worked for 13 years for an international pharmaceutical company. I worked through all the positions from Medical Representative to National Sales Manager. During that time I administered a team of 130 Medical Representatives and 14 managers. I am an author of many sales, management, motivational, reporting and monitoring solutions.

Since 2008 I am a co-owner of Business Way sp. z o.o. and using my skills and experience in the area of personal and professional development I help our clients by coaching, training and consulting . I trained, coached and assessed in: Glaxo, Teva, Pliva, Novartis, Astellas, Novo Nordisk, BGK, Drozapol S.A, Arteria, Cegedim Polska, Symposion, Bahlsen Sp.z o.o., Hand Prod i many other.

Jacek Korzeniowski

Marek Sztomberski

Vice-President at Business Way sp z o.o.
Coach, Consultant, Supervisor, Trainer

  My motto:
"I am fascinated by humans and their unlimited potential. I have a feeling that in a world full of changes guiding people and helping them to develop is a great adventure and never-ending journey in search of new possibilities."


M.A. in Psychology at John Paul II Catholic University in Lublin

Many Certificates, including:

Practitioner of Art of NLP - NLP Master and NLP Trainer
The NLP Connection and Society of Neuro - Linquistic Programming (USA)
The Structures of Time – Christina Hall

Trained by:

Christina Hall, Herman Müller, John Seymour, Joseph O'Conor , David Nenan or Robert Cialdini.


Professional Experience:

Between 1984 and 1996 I owned different retail sales and services companies .

Between 1991 and 1994 I was a Manager at Centre for Personal Development in Świdnik. I managed a team of employees and was responsible for creation and implementation of company's strategy as well as implementing innovative personal development projects.

From 1995 to 2003 I was a co-owner and a trainer at NLP Training and Consulting Institute and from 2003 to 2011 I was a Vice-President and a trainer at Kulesza Sztomberski Institute of Business Education consulting company. I created and implemented managerial training systems in many different companies including: Astellas, Adamed, Coca Cola Beverages, Bahlsen, D-Link Polska, Philip Morris, Kraft Foods, Nestle, Nutricia, Mars, Unilever, Dębica, ING, Kredyt Bank, Bank BPH, Bank Zachodni WBK, PZU, Triada, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche Pharmaceuticals or Boots Healthcare.

I also worked as a consultant and created sale strategies as well as trainer for sales force for many companies like: Kompania Piwowarska, Kamis Przyprawy, GoodYearDunlop, Tesco, Volvo, Ceramika Paradyż, Ciech, Philips, Rockit Benckiser, Era, PTK Centertel, Capgemini and many more. Moreover, I introduced systems of sales coaching in Bahlsen Polska, GSK or Triada.

I am an author of many essays and articles on business and NLP. Finally I am an author of the book “31 stories”.

In Business Way I fulfill my passion for working with other human being.

Jacek Korzeniowski

Anna Kazakow

Coach, Mediator, Trainer

  My motto:
"I train because I know that there are many areas of interpersonal relationships that require support and I know how great improvements can be achieved by simple means. I train because I believe that most people do not use the full of their potential and I believe that it can be changed. I love when people say 'it's impossible' and later they do it with the help of the techniques I teach them."


Department of Psychology, University of Warsaw
School of Shorthand and Foreign Languages in Warsaw - the profile of the extended Russian.
The mediator in the organization - School Mediation Group TROP
Coach - School Coaches TROP Group
Trainer - School of Business Trainers TROP Group
SHL Certificate (giving access to AIS testing, ADL, OPQ)
Accreditation to conduct and moderate the workshop with roles for group by M. Belbin


Professional Experience:

I worked as a Recruitment Consultant in HRK in the years 1993-2007.

Since 2007 I have been training people in communication, conflict management, management, motivation, team-building, creating team's identity, planning and creating developmental strategy. I prepare training programs - I research customers needs, diagnose problems and/or areas for development and define useful tools and techniques. I coach managerial staff and make 360 assessment as well as abilities and aptitude tests (OPQ, ADL i AIS by SHL) and interpret their results.

I have conducted recruitment both in Poland and abroad using Direct/Executive Search for mid- and top-level management for ACP Pharma, Schunk, PPG Industries, Antalis, ACO, Pommier Polska, Valmont Structures, Vielika Kishenya and others. I took part in over 200 Assessment and Development Centre sessions as a Lead Assessor, working with: PZU, Orlen, Commercial Union, Akzo Nobel, Coca-Cola, TPSA any many other companies.

I took part in an international training programme, done in cooperation with Swiss consulting company Towers Perrin, which was aimed at implementing new corporate values in Bayer Schering Pharma. I was doing facilitation in Polish, Russian and Bulgarian and worked with sales departments of Polish, Russian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian branches of the company.

Sylwia Kowlska


Director of Sales & Marketing

  My motto:

“Live with passion and in harmony with yourself, while constantly broadening your knowledge and experience”


Coach, (Practitioner Coach Diploma), Noble Manhattan Coaching, Warsaw
Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching , Psychoeducation Laboratory and SWPS, Warsaw
M.A. in Psychology at University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw
M.A. in History at Pomeranian University in Słupsk

Trainings and Workshops:

Unleash The Power Within, Anthony Robbins Training, Londyn
Psychological Help Programme, Gestalt Instute of Psychoterapy, Warsaw
Interpersonal Training in Open Group formula, Psychoeducation Lab
Role of Coaching in creating corporate culture, Psychoeducation Lab
Psychodynamic understanding of professional development, Psychoeducation Lab
Assertiveness and values, human in business or how to face difficult situations in workplace, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw
Sales and Managerial negotiations, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw
Dealing with emotions in difficult situations, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw

Professional Experience:

My professional career started when I worked as a History and Societies Teacher in a High School. After a year I got a change to work in an European branch of an American company VideoPlus (Success Partners) dealing with MLM and DS services in the USA and Europe. I started as an assistant and was promoted all the way to Customer Relationship Department Manager. Working on this position allowed me to gain valuable experience in areas such as managing the Customer Service Department and managing the Purchasing Department, key customer service and active development of sales force. My main achievements are creating and managing the team of Account Executives, meeting the sales targets, developing the inter-department processes in the company and moderating the corporate culture of the company.

In Business Way I work as Business Development Manager. I am responsible for coordination and completion of all the processes connected with creating future of the company and Business Way brand. I also work as a coach and trainer.

Jacek Korzeniowski

Joanna Małachowska

Trener, Konsultant

  Moje motto:
"Chcę mieć wpływ na rzeczywistość. Szkoląc i rozwijając ludzi od 15 lat, mam wpływ na ich efektywność w pracy, a także na zmianę kultury biznesu w Polsce. Ważne jest dla mnie to, że w wyniku szkoleń, ludzie uczą się słuchać innych, asertywnie rozmawiać o niełatwych sprawach, a także… chwalić siebie nawzajem."


2007 - 2008 Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania Personelem – Studium Podyplomowe
2001 - 2006 Uniwersytet Warszawski, Instytut Rusycystyki
Akredytacja Insights Discovery



Od ponad 17 lat jestem związana z rynkiem HR w Polsce – pozyskiwaniem i rozwojem ludzi. Pracowałam w Biurze Doradztwa Personalnego Personnel, byłam trenerem i koordynatorem ds. szkoleń - w firmie AVIVA Polska. Jako konsultant i trener zewnętrzny współpracuję
i współpracowałam z renomowanymi firmami szkoleniowymi w Polsce. Projektowałam i wdrażałam rozwiązania rozwojowe dla firm działających na terenie Polski i krajów rosyjskojęzycznych. Rozumiem potrzeby klienta, moim atutem jest doświadczenie z pracy w korporacji.

Specjalizuję się w szkoleniach z zakresu: efektywności osobistej (asertywnej komunikacji, zarządzania sobą w czasie, budowania własnej pozycji w organizacji, prowadzenia spotkań, skutecznych technik prezentacji), narzędzi menedżerskich (rekrutacji i oceny efektywności pracowników), kreatywnego rozwiązywania problemów etc. Ze względu na swoje doświadczenie w dziale zarządzania zasobami ludzkimi i zamiłowanie do tej tematyki wspieram klientów we wdrażaniu: procesów oceny efektywności, wdrażaniu rozwiązań wynikających z badania zaangażowania, procesach rekrutacji, selekcji i rozwoju pracowników (Assessment/Development Center).

Moje kompetencje lingwistyczne (biegła znajomość języków rosyjskiego i angielskiego) pozwalają mi na udział w projektach międzynarodowych i wdrażanie rozwiązań na nowych rynkach, na które wchodzą firmy.

Jacek Korzeniowski

Robert Siewak

Trainer, Consultant, Coach

  My motto:
"I like to meet new people, discover new cultures and learn new languages. I train people for their benefits and satisfaction as well as and to feel that what I do has a meaning and finally to develop myself."


2004 - 2005 Post-Graduate Diploma in Executive Master of Business and Administration at Lublin Business School
1991-1992 Accountants Association in Poland (AAP) - Accountant
1982-1987 M.Sc. in Animal Sciences at Lublin University of Life Sciences


Professional Experience:

I worked in companies such as British American Tobacco, SCA Hygiene Products and PZ Cussons SA, where I worked on different positions from Sales Representative through Regional Sales Manager, KAM ending up as a Sales Manager. I took part in international projects in the area of sales and distribution. I created and implemented assessment and recruitment systems. Meanwhile, since 1994, I have been training people.

Since 2005, when I have started to run my own business, I have worked as a consultant in the areas of sales systems and creation and implementation of recruitment and assessment systems. I work with many training and consulting companies in Poland and abroad and take part in many projects conducted in Polish, English and Russian.

I focus on activities that are in the area of sales: sales, customer service, negotiations, project management, personal effectiveness (assertiveness, time management, personal quality management) and managerial skills (assessment and recruitment).

Jacek Korzeniowski

Elżbieta Ziembrowicz

Trener, Coach, Doradca

  Moje motto:
"Interesuje mnie skuteczność i efektywność ludzkiego działania dlatego wspieram osoby i firm w zmianie. Ogromną satysfakcję daje mi wspólne z klientami poszukiwanie rozwiązań, odkrywanie potencjału - zasobów klienta, odkrywanie najlepszej, najbardziej efektywnej drogi osiągania celów osoby czy organizacji."


Politechnika Lubelska – mgr inż. Organizator Przemysłu
The Society of Neuro-Linquistic Programing In association with The NLP Connection – Certified Trainer
ICC Joseph O'Connor, Andrea Lages-O'Connor - International Coach

Certyfikaty :

From Coach to Awakener – Robert Dilts
The Structures of Time – Christina Hall



Po ukończeniu studiów pracowałam jako programista, menedżer a następnie handlowiec. Równolegle zdobywałam umiejętności trenerskie ucząc się u wielu trenerów polskich i zagranicznych. Swe umiejętności rozwijała min. pod kierunkiem Hermanna Müller-Walbrodt (Niemcy), Linnett Saunders-Pearl (USA), Joseph O'Connor (UK), Robert Dilts (USA), Robert Klaus (USA), Christina Hall (USA).

W swoim kilkunastoletnim doświadczeniu zawodowym zajmowałam się opracowywaniem
i prowadzeniem projektów rozwoju kadry menedżerskiej, zespołów trenerów wewnętrznych, szkoleniami doskonalącymi umiejętności przywódcze. Szkoliłam z zakresu zarządzania i budowania zespołu, obsługi klienta, umiejętności negocjacji i prowadzenia rozmów handlowych. Prowadziłam szkolenia umiejętności miękkich dla branży technicznej a także coaching indywidualny dla średniej
i wyższej kadry menedżerskiej.

Współpracowałam m. in: z Neuroedukacją, Instytutem Doradztwa i Szkoleń NLP, Prospero Business Training, Concept. Pracowała dla firm międzynarodowych oraz kilkudziesięciu dużych i średnich przedsiębiorstw w kraju, m. in. dla: banków, hoteli, firm farmaceutycznych, finansowych, handlowych, telekomunikacyjnych, branży produkcyjnej, informatycznej oraz ubezpieczeniowej.


client image

„Businesss Way has conducted a series of sales trainings for our managers as well as coaching sessions. The attendees have highly evaluated both the quality and professionalism of the trainers. Moreover – thanks to the series of trainings our effectiveness has improved significantly. We definitely confirm Business Way’s professionalism, reliability and the highest standard of services provided.”

client image

„We’’ve been working with Business Way since 2011. As a company we have outsourced the following trainings customized to our employees: coaching skills, leadership, preparing the SWOT analysis and matrix management. Workshops are always prepared in a professional manner and led well. Trainers (coaches) are always highly motivated and show a positive energy. Not to be underestimated is the perfect contact between the coaches and the attendees of the workshops."

client image

"Based on the realisation of a complex consulting and coaching project, we would like to highlight our full recognition for the Business Way Team for their professionalism and agility. We have evaluated the quality of the project led by Business Way very highly. Since the beginning of our cooperation Business Way proved to be a reliable and solid partner. Their wide and complex knowledge as well as understanding of the Pharmaceutical industry are crucial for our operations; therefore it is our great pleasure to recommend Business Way as a competent and honest partner.”


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